As a drum teacher I always find myself following a repeated pattern with my students who are relatively new to the drums. Of course every student requires different help and guidance, but there are always a few topics which I find to be crucial in helping a drummer progress from complete unfamiliarity, to confidence and comfortability behind the kit.I have created these PDF’s as a rough guide to follow when tackling that first stage of learning on the drums. These PDF’s are designed more for a teachers use, rather than for independent learning. This is because there are large
leaps made from one PDF to another and is therefore better used in conjunction with an experienced teacher. If you are a new drummer without a teachers help, please follow the link at the bottom of this page to access my Udemy course which will take you through all of the grooves included in this Ebook. This Ebook contains 11 pages of drum sheet music, and 85 unique grooves to use in teaching and practice. Please enjoy this free resource and contact me if it has been at all helpful.