Free Test Mixes

As a musician I am well aware of how scary it is to part with your hard earned cash when you don't what the mix engineer can really achieve. That's why I'm offering free test mixes to bands and artists, you send me the project files or multitracks, and I send back a section of the song, fully mixed, all for free. That's it. No strings attached. If you don't like the test mix you don't have to commit! 

Here's how it works. 

1. Show me you're interested by filling in the form below

2. I'll get in touch and you can then send me the song multitracks / Individual instrument channels via my email - 

3. I mix a section of the song, a verse or chorus (up to 45 seconds worth)

4. You listen and let me know what you think

5.  You then decide if you'd like to pay for the full mix (no obligation)


Thanks for submitting!

Terms and Conditions 

1. I'll only mix up to 45 seconds of your song for free

2. There's no obligation to purchase a full mix after you've received your test mix

3. You're allowed one revision on your test mix